Planning any event requires great organization and creativity. The use of a concept or tagline is beneficial for both private and corporate events, as it helps to direct preparations, establish your ideas and create the flow of your event. 

The idea behind a concept is to create memories, and sum up the tone of the event. These themes that run through our events reinforce our guest experience. Each concept should be recognizable, easy to understand, fun and playful. They should be well thought out, and reflect the purpose of the event, highlighting the main feature, or guest of honour. If your guests connect with your concept, they will be more engaged. 

When guests first enter your venue and witness aspects of your concepts/tag-lines/logos, it makes them excited and curious as to what they are about experience. This certainly generates a buzz and ensures people will remember your event, especially as the event unfolds and more elements are revealed, tying it altogether. 

Choosing your concept, logo or tag-line should be reflective of your personality or brand. It should be unique to your event and relatable. You can try using puns or spoofs, pop culture or state the obvious… such as “Best Night Ever”.